Enjoy a Perfect Holiday in Turkey in the Autumn

A holiday in Turkey can give you exciting opportunities if you are looking for a sun escape away from your busy daily life. Turkey is a magical place where west meets east and this is reflected in almost everything from food to architecture. The local cuisine is a mix between Greek food and Oriental spices. The Roman, Greek, Byzantine and Persian empires have contributed to the local architecture with old temples, impressive mosques, large amphitheatres and charming traditional villages. There are plenty to see and do in Turkey and the most popular holiday spots are Antalya, Gumbet, Dalaman and Bodrum.

Some of the best deals for your holiday in Turkey can be booked from Thomson.co.uk. If you plan to go there this autumn, you should know that an all-inclusive package at the Club Nergis Beach from Dalaman region is just £547 per person. This deal includes airfare tickets, 7 nights’ accommodation, coach transfer and all meals. The hotel offers 3 pools (one with waterslide), daytime activities and evening shows, a Turkish bath and various sports facilities. Nearby, you can visit the old town of Marmaris with a variety of restaurants, shops, bars and nightclubs.

If you prefer a more luxurious escape, then check the deals from firstchoice.co.uk. For just £722 per person, you can get an all-inclusive package in October with flights and one week stay at the Delphin Palace Hotel from Antalya. This is a 5-star hotel located near a beautiful beach, with two large freeform pools, a bowling alley and no less than 7 restaurants. Also available in the area are a fitness centre, a lavish spa, daily entertainment with live music and various land and water sports facilities.

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