Things to See and Do on Holiday in Switzerland 2011

Switzerland is an absolutely spectacular part of the world and a fantastic holiday destination. Famous for the stunning Alps and snow topped mountains, Switzerland is a dream destination for skiing enthusiasts. However there is much more to Switzerland than just fabulous ski-slopes, cableways and ski-lifts. Switzerland is home to many more great attractions including stunning architecture and historic monuments! So if you are planning a trip then check out some of our favourite things to see and do whilst on holiday in Switzerland 2011:

Whilst on holiday in Switzerland visitors can enjoy the unadulterated beauty of a country that boasts the best of both worlds. In Switzerland visitors can relax under beautiful palm trees on the sunny lakeshores of Ticino in the South of Switzerland whilst looking out to the majestic snow covered mountain peaks.

Switzerland is also home to a wonderful combination of the old and the new. The vibrant metropolitan attributes of Swiss cities blend effortlessly with the medieval cathedrals and stunning architecture of a bygone era. The cities of Lucerne, Bern and Geneva are all uniquely beautiful and definitely worth a visit!

There are also a range of fantastic alpine resorts where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views and take part in a range of outdoor pursuits including mountaineering, snowboarding, hiking, river rafting, mountain biking, paragliding, bungee jumping and much more!

No matter what you are looking from your holiday break, whether it be snowsports, adventure or cultural enrichment then Switzerland is sure to have something to suit you!

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