Find your ideal holiday house in Spain

Choosing a holiday house in Spain is no longer just a matter of looking for a new development on the Costa Del Sol or Costa Blanca. Investors and holiday-makers are finding houses full of character and charm in less obvious areas of Spain. With prices depressed, careful buyers can find a beautiful home in the sun.

Sun, sea and sangria

There are still plenty of opportunities to find a holiday house in Spain on the strip that runs along the Mediterranean coast all the way from Barcelona to Gibraltar. These modern developments remain popular with British holiday-makers who like home comforts. For those who want a little more authentic Spanish culture though, there are other options.


In the north, the regions of Cantabria and Asturias face the much cooler Bay of Biscay. Developments here are far more sensitive, but many buyers are keen to snap up the old stone houses or fishermen's cottages that are full of character. Many come with their own orchards or plots of land for cultivation, or for constructing that swimming pool.


Galicia in the north-west is not suitable for sun-worshippers, being wet, cool and lushly green. It is ideal for those looking for tranquillity and a rustic way of life. Old farmhouses and mills in the midst of the rolling Galician countryside can be obtained very cheaply. The south of the region is particularly good for cultivating vineyards, with the local Albarino wine much prized.

Canary islands

In the Canaries, you have the choice of holiday apartments in brash resorts, or more relaxed holiday homes off the beaten track. For those looking for something a little different, the islands of La Gomera or El Hierro avoid most of the tourist clamour.

That UK connection

An important aspect of choosing a holiday house in Spain is a location that is readily accessible from the UK. Be aware that budget airline services to small regional airports can be cancelled at short notice, so make sure your choice has a Plan B. Often flights only operate in summer months, so consider how you will reach your holiday house out of season.

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