Holiday Tips: Holiday Packing Guide for Singles

Holiday Tips for Holiday Packing

The One Bag Rule:

Unless you plan on taking a month-long excursion to a foreign land, you can most likely fit everything you need into one bag. Do your best to follow this rule especially when you travel by airplane. This will keep you from checking unnecessary baggage onto the flight, and paying erroneous fees to do so.

Also, with one bag, you will find it easier to move from place to place. As a single, you will not have several people waiting to help you, so self-efficiency becomes important. One bag means that you will not have to get a dolly to aid you through crowded airports or up elevators to your hotel room.

Write a List:

In order to ensure that you only pack the necessary items, create a list of things that you would like to bring on the trip. Narrow this list down as you pack, only including the things that you will need during your holiday. Holiday packing may seem like something you can do carelessly, but the more time you spend planning, the less time you have to spend worrying. Remember: If you pack unnecessary things, you will not have room for necessary things.

Packing the Bag:

Now that you purposed to only take one bag, and you created an itemised list of its contents, consider how to pack your suitcase for the holiday with this holiday tip.

Do not overpack your bag. If you have to sit and jump on the bag in order for it to close, you have too much stuff. Leaving a bit of wiggle-room at the beginning of your trip will give you enough room for souvenirs on the way home.

Spread out books. Do not stack. Stacking books uses columns of space within your suitcase. Instead, try spreading the books evenly throughout the bag to save space.

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