Holiday happiness could be yours

If you like city breaks and city scapes then New York is the holiday destination for you, art, culture and pizzas fuel this fast-paced, exciting city which is only a stones throw from Brooklynand Jersey, both fascinating and more chilled than theBig Apple.

If you want to kick back and relax on a beach with a good book and an inclusive cocktail you should investigate a package holidaywhere those kind folks on the internet will make sure every whim is catered for and every cost included.

For something a bit more exciting how about a group tour to a centerpark? They are guaranteed good weather and although you leave the greenhouse style environmental monster at the end of the day and retire to a Butlins style chalet, well you get a day of it. Now there’s an idea, Butlins, all the fun of the fair with regional accents. That might be just the ticket if you have a family to feed and no desire to see the world. Look it up and get involved.

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