Holiday Genie for your holiday in Florida

About Holiday Genie

Booking your holiday through holiday genie means you can let someone else take care of the stress of the booking, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy picking your favorite activities. Most of us only get to go away once or twice a year so booking your holiday through holiday genie gives you a guarantee that you will get a great holiday at very competitive prices, with no hassle.

Holiday Genie for Florida holidays

Florida could be described as the one place in the world that has something for everyone giving you the perfect holiday experience. Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida has around 1,200 miles of coastline, so whether it is sun, sea and relaxation, a golfing holiday or a break to Disneyland - Florida is the ideal destination!

If you want to get away and have some spectacular memories then why not take a break to Miami Beach Resort in Palm Beach, Florida. If you book through holiday genie this offer is for £2560.00 including flights, for a family of 4 departing in June for 7 nights room only.

You and your family may decide to stay near Disneyland in Orlando. You could be staying in the Disney Villas, departing early July for 14 nights including flights for £529 per person. This is a great deal from holiday genie, and with such great savings you will have more to spend on creating your family memories.

If it is a golfing break you are after in a sunny location then why not book a holiday to Champions World Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. The resort sits on 15 acres and sits close to Disneyland. A 7 night break departing in September booked through Holiday genie, could cost you as little as £507 per person.

Holiday genie is a site where you can get great deals on flights, hotel, or package deals. This service offers you the chance to tailor make your holiday to your own specific needs. With flights departing across the UK from places such as London Manchester Plymouth and Teesside, it’s never been so easy to get away.

So if you want convenience, value for money and expertise when you book, then holiday genie for a holiday in Florida is definitely worthwhile visiting. Holiday genie can ensure you get the best holiday and with their high level of service and excellent holiday packages, you are sure to find your dream deal now!!

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