Searching for holiday flats in stockholm?

If you have decided to take a break in Stockholm this year then why not try staying in holiday flats in Stockholm? Enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Europe which is built on 14 different islands on Europe's best preserved medieval city centre. Wherever your interest lies, be it history, art, opera, modern dance, traditional handicrafts or contemporary design, Stockholm has something for you with its wealth of museums, theatres, sights and events. Stockholm boasts an incredible transport system which means you are never far from the shops, restaurants and bars or the incredible nature or scenery of Stockholm's archipelago. Stockholm has a reputation for being expensive but the prices actually compare quite favourably with that of other major European cities. Here are some of the best value holiday flats in stockholm.

The first place to rent in Stockholm comes from the homeaway.com website and it is offering a rental cottage on the banks of the beautiful Lake Magelungen which is a quiet and relaxing place, good for just taking time to yourself while enjoying the stunning surroundings. This cottage sleeps two people comfortably and is reasonably priced at £80 per night.

The second rental is called the Lidingo, with a stunning view close to Lilla Värtan, a bay in the Stockholm inner archipelago, lies these houses built in 1928 and 1933. With three rooms, this house comfortably sleeps five people. Located beside the forest with walking trails and access to the pier just below the property. This is a truly breathtaking place and is priced at £1900 per week but when you see it you won't be disappointed.

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