Holiday destinations for the seriously rich.

If your jaw dropped recently when the Forbes rich list for 2010 was released, left open-mouthed by the number of billions the world's biggest moguls mange to accumulate, you may be wondering where the seriously rich and famous spend their vacations. Is there a special billionaire’s paradise out there somewhere, hidden from the eyes of the likes of you and me? Surprisingly, some (admittedly not all) of the destinations the Forbes top-five choose are not so very different from ours, reports the Daily Mail.

Take the world’s richest man, Mexican Telecom’s owner Carlos Slim for example. Slim and his late wife used to spend a lot of their time visiting European museums and galleries and they were big fans of London’s British Museum, the National Gallery and the Natural History Museum, proving that some of the best things in life are, indeed, free! So when you take a ‘daycation’ to the capital and go gallery hopping, you never know who you’re likely to meet.

Conversely, Slim makes sure he spends a chunk of his cash close to home, investing millions in upgrading the centre of Mexico City to make it more attractive to tourists. He’s also planning to open a free art museum in the north of the city, the Museo Soumaya, named after his late wife. If you’re planning a trip there in the future you’ll be able to view some European greats along with unusual Mexican pieces…for free. Enjoy!

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