Go Green with Holiday Dealers in Ireland.

Aside from its rainy weather Ireland could be one of the friendliest countries in the world as well as one of the most beautiful. With holiday dealers in Ireland you can choose between North and South and enjoy a range of sights and experiences across the country.

Getting to Ireland from the UK can be very easy. Return flights from London Gatwick to Belfast International are easily under £30 with Easyjet. A ferry ride from Holyhead to Dublin will cost a bit more but could be a far more memorable and exciting experience. With onboard entertainment, shops, bars and restaurants it will feel like your holiday has already started before you arrive.

Even though Dublin is a relatively small city there is so much to do there on holiday. With its blend of vivid history and an exciting nightlife Dublin should be on everyone’s travel list. Staying in the Dublin International Hostel can cost between £17 and £35 per night depending on how many people you share your room with. Hostels are usually the cheapest accommodation but there are a variety of reasonably priced hotels which can be found through holiday dealers in Ireland. Most accommodation should be within walking distance of main attractions.

A great way to see the rest of Ireland if you are travelling with a few people is to hire a car. You can see so much in a few days from Blarney Castle to The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland. Ireland also has a beautiful coastline which is worth exploring.

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