What You Need to Know about Three of the Best Holiday Dealers in IE

Three online holiday dealers in IE arrange travel to popular destinations. Using these dealers helps you save time and money by letting someone else find flights, hotels and transfers based on your budget and travel dates. It's easy to book your dream holiday without having to spend hours at a travel office or on a telephone.

Direct Holidays

Direct Holidays (DirectHolidays.ie) lets you book online in a matter of minutes. Choose the type of holiday (beach holiday, city break, ski holiday, etc.), a destination and your departure date and a list of holiday deals appears making it easy to find a package that matches your budget.

In 2011, discounts of up to €150 per person make it possible to spend time in Gran Canaria for as little as €390 per person. Last minute travellers find deals like an all inclusive stay in Egypt starting at €600 per person or a beach holiday in Lanzarote for as little as €400 per person. All packages include flights, hotels and transfers.

There are fees if you make changes to your holiday booking. Cancellations may cost you 100 percent of your deposit or the full fare, so make sure you are certain of your travel plans before you book your holiday.

Late Deals

Late Deals (LateDeals.ie) specializes in last-minute holidays. Spend seven nights in Majorca for as little as €280 per person or holiday in Turkey for a week for as little as €400. A seven-night Austrian ski holiday starts at €410. Late Deals offers holiday packages for much of Europe and Florida in the United States, so you'll find a range of destinations available.

Because they work with suppliers to create discounted travel packages, Late Deals does charge amendment fees and may not refund money if you cancel your holiday. Purchasing travel insurance for as little as €5 can help you avoid fees if something happens and you cannot travel.

Travel Finders

Travel Finders (TravelFinders.ie) offers holidays within Ireland or abroad. They search hundreds of travel companies for you to find the best prices. As of 2011, they offer hotels in Ireland for as little as €65 per night. Spend three nights in Prague for as little as €245 per person or go to Portugal for €440 per person. Holiday offers include airfare, taxes and accommodations.

Once you've found a deal you like, simply click the link redirecting you to the special holiday offer. You do not pay Travel Finders for their searches and all bookings are handled by the airline or hotel. Cancellation policies are governed by the airline or hotel company.

Tips for Saving Money on Your Holiday

Be flexible with your departure and return dates. Often, moving your travel dates a few days earlier or later helps reduce airfare by a large percentage.

Take advantage of last minute holiday offers. When you book your holiday within weeks of your departure, you often save hundreds of Euros. Find these discount offers at leading holiday dealers in IE.

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