Holiday Cottages in Dorset: The Perfect Accommodation

Holiday cottages in Dorset are the ideal accommodations to book when visiting a place like Dorset. With its natural charms, staying in a bustling resort may make you feel out of place. Embrace instead the relaxed pace of life in Dorset by staying in a self-catering cottage. Walk around and enjoy the beauty of Jurassic Coast, the first of England’s natural World Heritage sites, and get to learn a little bit of Iron Age history when you visit the Maiden Castle.

Just You and Your Loved One in a Hideaway Cottage

If you and your partner would like to run away from the world and enjoy your private little corner of paradise, hideaways.co.uk can help you out on that score. All of their accommodations are located in the most beautiful and intimate places – locations where you will seldom encounter other people who might intrude in your privacy. An example of the accommodations they offer is The Pumphouse, which offers three upstairs bedrooms that can accommodate up to five persons. It also comes equipped with its own sitting and dining room, as well as a full-service kitchen.

Live in the Heart of the City

If, however, you prefer to live in the heart of Dorset or in any of its most tourist-friendly and highly populated cities, consider booking The Well-Beloved, which is located at the Isle of Portland and available for booking at classic.co.uk. This elegant stylish cottage can accommodate two guests and a pet. A third guest may also stay in the cottage, provided he or she has a travel cot. All common amenities for self-catering holiday cottages in Dorset are available, with equipment for outdoor barbecues tossed in as a bonus.

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