Looking for holiday cottages dorset? Check these sites out!

Dorset's coast and countryside is absolutely stunning. With wildlife galore and natural beauty everywhere you turn it truly is a great place for a holiday.

Take a walk through the New Forest National Park and you may catch a glimpse of deer and other exciting wild animals.

Or take a trip over to the Isle of Wight and experience all that the little island has to offer.

There is plenty of accommadation options in this area but what could be more perfect than a quaint little cottage nestled in the countryside or a small local town.

If you are looking holiday cottages in dorset then these sites offer the best options;

Dorset Coastal Cottages

Dorset Coastal Cottages (dorsetcoastalcottages.com) is a great site that brings to you all the best self catering cottages along the beautiful coastline of dorset.

Their lovely cottages are available for short breaks, just weekends or longer getaways. And they are available all year round!

They also provide a special offer page where you can catch late bookings or discounts from cancellations so you can grab yourself an absolute bargain!


Hideaways (hideaways.co.uk) have a small list of holiday cottages in dorset, but they are all very unique and individual accommadations.

These cottages are perfect for a family or couple that wants to spend their holiday in peace!

The cottages are hidden enough away to be private and offer a relaxing break but still near enough to access everything you could want whilst enjoying your time away.






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