Options for Holiday Caravans To Let In Cirencester

Are you looking for a country holiday but can’t face the discomfort and hassle of tent camping? Holiday caravans to let in Cirencester could be the perfect solution. With the comforts of home, the amenities of a holiday park, and the beauty of the Cotswolds on your doorstep, a caravan getaway in Cirencester is an attractive option for holiday makers of all ages.

Where can I Rent a Caravan in Cirencester?

Located just six miles from Cirencester town centre, the main campground with static caravan lets is Hoburne Cotswold Holiday Park, at hoburne.com/park-details/hoburne-cotswold. They offer three comfort levels of caravan accommodation. Prices start at £581  for a seven-night stay for four people during the summer, but drop substantially in mid-September, to just £211. There are also privately owned caravans in the Cirencester area which can be rented directly from the owners through websites such as Static Caravan UK, at static-caravan.co.uk. Private lets are often cheaper, starting around £300 per week during the summer season,and dropping to £160 per week from mid-September.

Why Rent a Caravan in Cirencester?

Located in the heart of England, Cirencester, at cirencester.co.uk/ is a historic Roman town surrounded by rolling hills and charming Cotswold villages. A caravan let in Cirencester provides a great base from which to explore the area, while offering a more home-like atmosphere than a hotel. If your caravan let is in a holiday park like Hoburne Cotswold, you have the added bonus of the park facilities and entertainment. Situated in the Cotswold WaterPark, at waterpark.org, there are lakes, walking trails, and leisure activities to keep young and old occupied for this vacation and those to come.

What can I Expect from a Caravan Let?

Holiday caravans to let in Cirencester are essentially a compact version of home, complete with water and electricity. Typical static caravans are 10 metres long by two to three metres wide. They generally have two or three bedrooms with sleeping berths for four to eight people. A toilet and shower room, kitchen, and lounge area make up the living space. Standard lets usually come equipped with a cooker, fridge, basic kitchen appliances, crockery and a TV. Luxury caravans and private lets may also include a dishwasher, electric fireplace, high-end TV, DVD player, Freeview, indoor heating and outdoor living space such as a patio or deck.

Caravan Lets: Things to Consider

Before confirming your caravan rental, be sure to double-check the details with the owner. Inclusion of linens, crockery, lawn furniture, and specific kitchen appliances may vary, especially with private caravan rentals. If you have any special requirements, such as wheelchair accessibility, you should also check this with the owner beforehand. When renting a caravan situated in a holiday park, such as Hoburne Cotswold in Cirencester, make sure it comes with access to park facilities and entertainment.

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