Cheap Breaks in Holiday Caravans

Holiday caravans are the standard type of accommodation offered in holiday parks across the UK. Some of the most affordable options, holiday parks also make for a stress-free holiday. Most holiday parks provide a wide range of facilities to choose from as well, including many family-friendly opportunities.

There are many sites where you can find cheap caravans, especially those which cut out the middleman and allow you to contact the owner directly. One such site is ukcaravans4hire.com. They provide a large directory of many holiday parks around the country. Another site which provides a similar service is ukparks.com.

Bigger companies such as Haven, Hoseasons and Park Dean amongst others also offer some competitive deals for those looking for a stress-free holiday with everything prearranged. Hoseasons.com, for example, offers dozens of parks around the country with prices starting at around £250 for a short break of three to four nights. All of their holiday parks have a choice of accommodation of varying levels of comfort and luxury.

For those looking for the highest chance of getting great weather in the later part of the summer, holiday caravans in Devon are often the best choice. Woolacombe.co.uk has four holiday parks in Devon. Prices get much lower from September, with September breaks costing anything as low as £99 for a short break of three to four nights. October prices can be as little as half that again. Keep in mind that many of the best deals on this site and others are exclusive to the web.

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