Take a look at some of the many holiday caravan parks in the UK

Due to the harsh financial climate less and less people are able to afford travelling abroad, meaning holiday makers are looking closer to home in search of a way to spend their holiday time. Many are choosing to holiday in caravan parks throughout the UK. Fantastically furnished caravans that are large enough for families, parks boasting resort standard facilities and amenities at a cheap and affordable rate are just a number of the things you may enjoy with this type of holiday.

If you think a holiday park is the thing for you check out www.park-resorts.com, this website has many listings for caravan holiday parks throughout the UK. An example ofthe holiday parks listed on this site is the Presthaven Sands Holiday Park. Situated in North Wales, this park has three swimming pools and is right on the coast meaning it is in close proximity to the beach. Presthaven Sands is perfect for any beach lover and for family holidays as it provides quality entertainment all day long. Along with its Splash zone swimming pool you will also find Fun Works amusement arcade, numerous sporting facilities, and a kid’s play area. To stay in this park can cost as little as £149 for three days in one of the parks caravan options, which can sleep up to six people.

Another website we would recommend browsing through, if you are considering holidaying in a caravan park, is www.parkholidaysuk.com.  This company are the largest operator of parks in the south of England, so you can be sure their parks are of a high quality and standard.

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