The top options for an Australian holiday in a caravan

Caravans are just perfect for Australia. The wide open roads, wealth of natural beauty and pleasant climate draw caravaners from all over the world.

So if you're looking for inspiration for your next Australian holiday, a caravan is a good way to go. Hit the road and explore some of these amazing routes...


If it's adventure you're after, it's hard to beat the Nullarbor. Cross from Perth to Adelaide or Adelaide to Perth. The great thing about hiring a caravan is that you can get a one way rental - so you can fly home.This route will allow you to experience some of Australia's most beautiful and remote scenery. From the awe-inspiring cliffs and marine life of South Australia and the incredible Great Australian Bite, to the rugged goldfields of Western Australia and the waves of wildflowers in the South West - you'll find it hard not to fall in love with these amazing regions.

Gibb River Road

Crank the adventure up a notch with a road trip on the Gibb River Road! You'll need to rent a 4WD caravan for this one.What is it that makes the Gibb so special? It's hard to put our finger on it exactly - it could be the red rugged beauty of the land, the hidden oases of creeks and waterfalls, the jaw-dropping landscape of the Bungle Bungles, the sense of adventure and fun as you ford a river... What we are sure of, is that you'll never forget this road trip.

Great Ocean Road

A bit more easy going but no less amazing is our legendary Great Ocean Road. There are plenty of great camping options along this route, making it ideal for a caravan holiday. Wind you way through lush pockets of rainforest, sweeping stretches of golden sand and amazing coastal scenery. Try a one way rental between Adelaide and Melbourne, or return via the Murray River and the Grampians.


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