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We all know how it is, the days are long and dreary, and, if you have the misfortune of living in he UK, grey as well. There is nothing like a holiday somewhere warm and exotic to give you a shot of vitamin D and lift your spirits. You come back happier and more resilient than before and everyone is happy. But how can you book a holiday that is not too expensive while enjoying all the benefits?

The key is holiday cancellations in the UK. One fantastic website we have found is http://www.sunmaster.co.uk/cancellationholidays. This website is particularly geared towards holidays to sunny destinations. They claim to hve the cheapest holidays on the internet and by the looks of it, it may just be true.

They have access to a combination of over 50 million holidays, that is their powerful secret. Some of the offers available at the moment are

Seven nights in the four star Perla Tenerife hotel in Puerto de la Cruz for only £315 per person sharing. If you prefer Egypt, fourteen nights in the Gardenia Plaza Resort in Sharm el Sheikh will cost you £500 per person sharing. All of these deals include flights.

They also have a handy Deal of the Week category where you can find deals on holidays to Greece, Tureky, Spain and its islands and Egpyt. The lowest of the low was a £8 per person sharing break with flights staying in Faro at the beginning of December. December! you think, well don't turn your nose up at that, Faro has the most sunshine in Europe, and December is the equivalent to the English mid-summer!

There you go, that's a wrap on holiday cancellations uk!

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