Finding Good Deals in Holiday Camps

Holiday camps can be found all over the UK. They've long been one of the most popular types of tourist destinations in the country, since they make for ideal affordable breaks, even in these days where cheap flights abroad have spoiled us. If you are tired of flying or booking flights for a large family is becoming too uneconomical, a break at a holiday park is worth looking into.

One of the oldest and best-known holiday camps in the UK is Butlins, known for its classic holidays and wide variety of on-site entertainment options. Butlins has holiday parks across the country and offers special deals towards the end of every summer, with discounts of as much as 50%. Short summer bank holiday breaks start from around £86 per person.

For those looking for something more relaxing and quieter, a more remote holiday park providing caravan accommodation and camping grounds is ideal, especially for those who are particularly short on money. Park-resorts.com, for example, can arrange holidays around the country in either of its many parks with prices starting from £369 for last-minute summer breaks.

UKparks.com is home to one of the most extensive directories on the Internet of holiday camps in the UK. If you are looking for a holiday camp in a specific destination, this site can be very convenient, since you can search by location and select the facilities that you require.

Slightly more expensive than some of the other options, Haven.com is also worth a look. Well-established and with dozens of award-winning holiday parks around the country, Haven can organize summer breaks from £449 for a whole family for a week.

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