Making a holiday booking in France

There are many great holidays and adventures to be had in France, be it a romantic trip to Paris, skiing in the Alps or a countryside getaway you'll be spoilt for choice, and to make the decisions a bit easier here are some of the best places to go to find different destinations and activities and to make a holiday booking in France.

Frenchconnections.co.uk is a website which specialises in French holidays of all different types. It has regularly updated special offers and last minute deals for travellers on a budget, as well as luxury stays for those wanting to splash out. It offers holidays all over France, with guides on what to do when you're there, so you can plan out your whole trip all in one place. It also provides links to companies offering car hire, travel insurance and currency services.

Thomas Cook is a well-known travel company, offering both package holidays and individual booking of flights and hotels according to preference, and from thomascook.com you have access to all their best deals. Being a general travel company they don't have quite as many France specific holidays as French connections do, but their deals are just as good, and they also provide useful information such as emergency phone numbers and banking hours.

Icelolly.com is a great price comparison website for holidays and travel, and from their site you'll be able to compare prices and features of French holidays from different companies, ensuring that you get the best deal possible. Icelolly is often one of the cheapest places to go for holiday bookings; however they don't have as many destinations listed as some other sites.

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