Find a Bargain with a Holiday Auction

Holiday auction

If you don't have a lot of money to spend on a holiday abroad, you may want to consider looking into a holiday auction. When travel companies have unsold package holidays, they use various methods to get more customers to fill the spaces. Holiday auctions are one such way, where customers bid on holidays and often end up grabbing a true bargain.

Auctionair.co.uk is one place to start looking for the perfect holiday auction, though they have many other auction types as well. Here you can often find a great bargain and, best of all, there is little risk involved. When you place a bid on a holiday, you will need to pay a small admission fee from £3 to £25. You can retract a bid at any time you want, for any reason, losing only the fee.

There are two types of holiday auctions, both of which are available at Auctionair. Firstly, there is the standard system available, in which the highest bidder wins the holiday package. The other bids are sealed. Another type of auction, which ultimately leads to even greater savings, is the low-bid auctions, in which the lowest unique bid wins.

Ebay.co.uk, home to the world's favourite Internet auction site, is also a place where you can find holiday bargains. Along with just about everything else, you can find plenty of holiday auctions here. Some of them are full packages while others are for hotels and other accommodation. Some people have even been lucky enough to grab a holiday for as little as £1 on auctions with no reserve!

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