Holiday apartments in Rome, Italy

Rome is home to the Colosseum, the Vatican, Trevi Fountain and many more iconic places. It is a city full of hidden delights and if you haven’t been yet, you should put it high on your to-visit list. Here we have a look at some of the best holiday apartments in Rome, Italy.

Holiday apartments by budget

There are hundreds of holiday apartments in Rome, Italy to choose from, so there is always something to suit your needs and budget.

Budget choice – Monte Verde

The Monte Verde holiday apartment is available for around €550-€800 per week. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It's located just out of the city centre in a tranquil area not too far from the major attractions of the city. The apartment has a pretty terrace with sweeping views. One bathroom has a shower and the other has an extra large tub and Jacuzzi.

Mid range choice - Trastevere / Via Pietro Blaserna

This holiday home is also located just out of the city centre. It has two bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom and living room. It is beautifully decorated and has air conditioning in every room. There is parking and internet and children, pets and smoking are all allowed. The apartment is near shops, restaurants and the train station, so you can easily get to all the places you want to see. It is available for around €775-€1,120 per week.

Top of the range - Pantheon / Piazza Colonna

Available for around €4,300 per week, this apartment consists of only one bedroom, bathroom, living area and terrace. It is a stunning property; all the rooms are air conditioned and it comes with a lovely king size bed and Jacuzzi. There is no kitchen but private dinners can be organised and a personal chauffeur can drive you to the sights or go shopping in style.

Take your pick

There are many holiday apartments in Rome, Italy to choose from. That's why specific needs - such as pet friendly accommodation or accessible accommodation can easily be met. There is a huge range in prices too, and you can get a lot for your money when it comes to holiday apartments in Rome. Just remember that if you are going during hot periods, make sure there is air conditioning!

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