History and Adventure on Costa Rica Holidays

Costa Rica, “the rich coast” in Spanish, is aptly named for the abundance of its natural resources. Captivating beaches, precarious volcanoes, fascinating flora and fauna, and interesting cultural sites will undoubtedly have tourists exclaiming “Pura Vida!” (“This is living!”) on their Costa Rica holidays.

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Start Costa Rica holidays with an adventure, tico style. Tyrolean, also known as canopy walking, is a popular Costa Rican activity that literally sends daring explorers to new heights. Walk on elevated platforms hoisted atop the forest canopy, holding on to nothing else but steel cables. Since 1991 bungee jumping has emerged as another popular adventure in Costa Rica. Hanging bridges offer spectacular views of river landscapes and the forest canopy.

The 1,226-kilometre coastline of Costa Rica is filled with breathtaking sun-drenched beaches. Last year 56 beaches were awarded the Ecological Blue Flag by the Costa Rican Government, certifying the safety and cleanliness of these areas for visitors. Dive into an undersea world of extraordinary beauty with its wonderland of coral reef formations and marine landscapes. Costa Rica’s Pacific coast was voted as one of the top five scuba diving destinations by the readers of Rodale’s Scuba Diving Magazine in 2004.

Learn Costa Rican culture by visiting its historic and cultural sites. Stroll along Barrio Amon, a 100-year-old town and a protected zone in the historic city of San Jose. Once an elite residential neighbourhood formed at the end of the 19th century, it is now the site of business establishments including hotels and restaurants. Its exceptional architecture can still be observed today.

Paseo Colon, another historic site, is a wide boulevard west of downtown, where wealthy families once lived. But like Barrio Amon, it is now dotted with business centres. Sabana Park stands out among the establishments, offering various attractions and ample space for recreation.

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