Best hire car Bargains in the UK

Hire Car in the UK

A short term hire car is simply the best way to get around in some instances. Better value than bringing your own car and more convenient than public transport a short term car hire gives you the freedom to explore your local environment.When searching for a car hire deal be sure to check into the terms and conditions.

Check the excess and the CDW (collision damage waiver) charge made to reduce it. Normally well hidden this change can prove the difference between deals.

Look into Zero excess waiver schemes. They will cost a little bit more per day, in some instances doubling the cost of a car hire but this can be worth it where the car might be extra danger, say for instance when driving near accident black spots or areas of high crime.

If you do choose to buy an policy to cover the excess then choose an independent broker as they are nearly always cheaper than the car hire companies own offers.

With all this in mind we suggest that when you start to shop around for a hire car in the UK you choose one of our favorites.

We found three companies to have the best range of vehicles and the best prices off the entire market.

Argus Car Hire were number 1 in most categories with Avis Car hire just behind them in each instance. The difference in prices was so small it would be remit to give either first place so we have them tied for first.

Carhire3000 deserves a mention for having the best prices we could find on top of the range sports or luxury vehicles.

We feel that between these companies you should be able to secure the best price in the market.

Happy Driving.

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