Hipster places in London

London is constantly changing and evolving. It can be difficult to keep up to date with all the new hipster restaurants and bars especially if you are not familiar with the city and are only planning a quick visit. Here are a few of the top hipster places in London that are worth checking out if you have time and in the area.

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Finding quality food in unique spaces that are relaxed and interesting can be tricky. One great restaurant that ticks all the right boxes though is The Mockingbird. Located on Newington Road, this place has an amazing menu full of mouthwatering tapas to choose from. If you are craving paella or delicious patatas bravas with a cool Sangria to wash it down, then this is the place for you. The staff are very helpful and chill music in the background adds to the relaxed atmosphere.

Mezcal Cantina has beautiful authentic Mexican food menu. The colorful storefront makes it impossible to miss when walking on Kingsland High Street. Though not the cheapest of places, when savouring churros, fajitas and chicken enchiladas, you won't be thinking about the price due to how delicious the food is. Make sure to take a look at the cocktail menu as well and try and make it here during happy hour.


For hipster places to grab an afternoon drink or get the night started, make your way to BrewDog in Shoreditch. This is near brick lane and is known for a wide variety of top beer and burgers. The bartenders even let you try before you buy which is a lovely touch. If you are around Poland Street in the Soho area at night and are looking for a trendy cocktail bar, visit Barrio Central. With great prices and even better music, you can hit the dance floor and sing the night away to some fantastic Latino music.


For hipsters who love to shop, make your way to the Brick Lane & Spitalfields Market. Here you will find an overwhelming amount of vintage shops who have anything and everything you might be looking for, or did not know you were looking for. Independent designers also have a wide variety of jewelry and accessories on display. Broadway Market is the perfect place to find a few nibbles and enjoy a relaxing day out. Every Saturday you will find people around Haggerston Overground stop making their way to the market to pick up some tasty savoury snacks and then heading to the nearby park to enjoy them. With the low prices that on offer, who could resist!

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