Hipster Cities in Europe

Europe is well known around the world as being trendy and full of culture. Americans and Asians flock here in search of something refined and unique. In recent years, some cities have popped up as leading lights on the hipster scene so let's take a look at some of the top hipster cities in Europe.

    Niels Elgaard Larsen - Wikimedia

Amsterdam Noord must be top of the list if you are looking for a trendy hipster area in Amsterdam. Located on the other side of the IJ river, the borough is simple to find - basically just head the opposite way that all the tourists go. It used to be a shipyard but has been transformed into a hipster hot spot. Old industrial warehouses are now being used for pop-up restaurants, music festival venues and art galleries. Red Bull and MTV have even set up shop here as well. If your timing is right, you can hit up the IJ-Hallen flea market, the largest in Europe, which takes place in a giant NDSM shipbuilding. While very much part of the city, Amsterdam Noord seems like an entirely different place.

Sodermalm Sotckholm, Sweden, locally known as Soder, is another place that is overflowing with hipsters. The love of the locals for vintage anything is prominent at every turn. There are also some cute contemporary boutiques, children's shops and other unique places to pop into. Soder is a great place for artists and musicians to spread their wings and delve into their artistic passions among like minded people. While Soder is a rather expensive place to live, it is worth a visit even if just for a couple of hours.

Shoreditch in London is home to tech companies like the social networking service Dopplr, music site Songkick and online music database Last.fm. Vintage bikes galore, along with cozy cafes and skinny jeans signal major hipster area as you stroll around. Red church street and nearby Brick Lane demand to be explored and 24-hour bakeries can be found here to fill your midnight craving, along with graffiti and second hand leather shops. The Spitalfields market nearby sells everything from cupcakes and art work to cheap jewelry and handbags.

Berlin, Germany is the place for fashion lovers, artists, and nightlife thrivers. This eclectic-ness is what makes this city so attractive for hipsters. During the day, visit St. Oberholz if you need a place to get some work done. You can't go wrong with free wifi and a spacious working area. If visiting during the summer, check out Thai Park and grab yourself some goodies at the weekend street food market. You may also come across some homemade cocktails. Whether its books and records or antique furniture, you are bound to find something that you never even knew you wanted.

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