Hippy Egypt Chic

Egypt’s Sharm el Sheikh has long lost its charm-and-shake so take a sharp left and head along the coast to the Basata Ecolodge, which is a collection of 20 bamboo huts and beautiful adobe chalets scattered across the seashore. These are backed by mountains 46 miles south of the Israeli border.

On your first night you’ll be falling asleep on a wooden platform decked in rugs, where you can see the stars through gaps in which the roof doesn't quite reach the bamboo walls. At the beginning of February, when the daytime temperature is already a perfect 20-something, you can head for the water for a wake-up swim, then for the rest of the time....laze around and do a whole lot of nothing while the days merge into one another.

If you do have some agenda to fulfill and have completely lost the ability to chill, then take a tour into the desert. Head up Mount Sinai and read the 11th Commandment: ‘Thou Shalt Bloody Take it Easy on Holiday’

Oh, and if you’re looking for a boys-on-tour-booze-up don’t bother coming, alcohol isn’t sold on site, although you are allowed bring your own for the communal dinners around the campfire every evening. The philosophy of its creator, Sherif, sums the place up: ‘When I came here there was nothing, and I want to think that if we ever left here there would still be nothing. I could just take my sticks and go away.’

Bamboo huts at Basata (00 20 69 350 0480) cost €16pp per night, while BMI offers flights to Sharm El Sheikh from Heathrow via Cairo, from £594 return including taxes.

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