Hip 'n' happening hostels

So that we can splash the cash on our holidays, or save enough money for seeing the sites and being able to travel on to our next thrilling destination, we don't always treat ourselves to the best accommodation available. But no more! Here are three ideal hostel venues that may make you want to prolong your stay.

Olympos, Turkey

Nestled into the trees and foliage of the Valley of Olympos in Turkey lies Kadir's Tree House, a darn sight more comfortable and spacious than the cabins you might have built in your adventurous teenage years. The aim of the establishment is to get close to nature and you'll certainly want to start tree-hugging when you check out the beautiful beach coves that this area has to offer. Diving, rock-climbing and trekking activities are provided daily.

Sutherland, Scotland

Originally owned by, and built for the powerful Dowager Duchess of Sutherland, the Carbisdale castle offers weary travellers a unique break on their holiday with unparalled views across the nearby River Kyle. Aside from the historical setting of the castle itself, the settlement also boasts a gallery full of Italian marble sculptures and statues and a variety of hardy activities are provided by the castle's managers.

California, USA

Guests are invited to sleep in private rooms or dorms inside the vast, green-friendly HI Point Montara lighthouse that looms over the a number of cliffs leading towards the Pacific Ocean. Based outside the city of San Francisco, this lighthouse plays host to various natural events, such as the annual migration of grey whales journeying through the area from November to April, as well as the playful activities of various elephant seals.

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