Hilton Taba Heights features attractions galore

The Hilton Taba Heights is located in Taba, Egypt. Built in 1976, this hotel is located just 40 minutes away from the Taba airport. As such, it is a popular tourist destination, and has many amenities geared toward catering to tourists.

Surrounded by the Red Sea, you can enjoy the private beach that is a part of the Hilton taba heights. From this beach, you have a view of Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel. There is also a world class golf course in the vicinity.

Among the main attractions of the Hilton taba heights is the underwater aquarium, which has long awed visitors.

As you might expect, there are a variety of restaurants in the Hilton taba heights resort. Those who like Italian food are in luck, as the Casa Taba offers all the specialities. There is also a restaurant serving Oriental specialities, Marhaba. If a casual drink is more what you’re after, you can get that at the Nelson Pub.

For families, there is the kids’ club, which helps to keep your children occupied with a variety of fun activities. There is also a pool that you can visit with the family. A Jacuzzi helps to get reach your comfort zone. For the shopper in you, there are gift shops located in the shopping mall.

For business travellers, there are two meeting rooms in the Hilton taba heights, each of which can hold up to 550 people.

Every guest room in the Hilton taba heights is equipped with wireless internet.

For more information regarding prices and availability, potential visitors can look at websites such as  www.hilton.co.uk/taba and www.tropicalsky.co.uk/taba-hilton-hotel-528.

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