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The British Channel Islands have been famous with holiday makers for years now. Amongst those islands is the ever popular island of Jersey. It comes alive during the summer and offer the holiday maker a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere whilst chilling on the beach. If you're thinking of going there you have a huge choice of hotels from guest house to five star hotels. One thing though - there is not Hilton Hotel Jersey on the Channel Islands.

So where else is there for you to rest your head? Depending on the area you do want to stay in be it St. Helier or St. Brelade, St. Lawrence or St. Saviour you can choose between an internationally rated spa resort or a cosy cottage. Starting at the top we have Longue Ville Manor with its five star rating and intimacy as it only has 29 rooms that is rated as the number one hotel on the island amongst travel review websites. The owners leave no stone unturned and offer the guests everything from scented candles in their rooms to the latest collection of magazines. On arrival all guests receive a bottle of champagne, freshly made shortbread and fresh fruit. When you book for more than one night you get a 10% discount and average prices £145 per person per night. The Longue Ville Manor is in the St. Saviour region.

Another five star hotel on the island is The Club Hotel and Spa with its Michelin star restaurant, Bohemia and its award-winning spa. This five star hotel is located in the popular St. Helier area of Jersey. Even though this hotel offers a spa and an exquisite restaurant it also has great special offers and spa breaks start from £145 per person! A night's accommodation starts at £150. With both indoor and outdoor pools this boutique hotel is so worth a visit.

So if you're lamenting the fact that there's no Hilton Hotel on Jersey Channel Islands lament no more. Other recommended hotels are L'Horizon, Radisson Blu, Chateau La Chair and the Apollo.... to name but a few. Check out the official Jersey website for a list of all registered accommodation.

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