Want to hike Snowdonia?

Snowdonia has a multitude of walking and hiking tracks which cater to visitors of all fitness levels. Easy paved trails take in some of the region's most beautiful scenery, while rugged mountain tracks cater to adventurous climbers and more experienced hikers.

This guide is a good starting point to help you plan your walk or hike in Snowdonia.

Easy walks in Snowdonia

The path up to Devil's Kitchen at Cwm Idwal is a bit steep and rocky but it's a fairly easy route and you'll be rewarded with fantastic views.

Near Bethesda, there's a leisurely walk that's great for families. It starts at the Ogwen Warden Centre car park and loops near to Llyn Idwal a scenic glacial lake.

Snowdonia boasts plenty of beautiful river walks. Some of the best are at Dolgellau, The Torrent and Precipice Walk.

Hiking in Snowdonia

If you want to hike in the Snowdonia region, you really are spoilt for choice.

The most popular hikes are those that lead to the summit of Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales. There are several different routes, including:

  • The Llanberis Path: The Llanberis Path is the route used by the mountain railway. It is the easiest route to the top but also the longest.
  • The Miners' Track: The Miners' Track is the easiest of the three routes from Pen-y-Pass.
  • The Pyg Track: The Pyg Track ascends from the western end of Pen-y-Pass car park and is a more stony ascent.
  • The Snowdon Ranger Path: As the name suggests, this path was once popular with visitors ascending with the guidance of the Snowdon Ranger.
  • Watkin Path: Watkin Path is the most spectacular southern path.

Tips for those who want to hike in Snowdonia

  • Make sure you've got a good map. Reaching a peak's summit may be easy but finding your way back down can be difficult
  • Take enough layers to cater for any weather
  • Check the Mountain Area weather forecasts for Snowdonia published by the Met Office. These are available online or on the noticeboards of Visitor Centres throughout Snowdonia.

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