Hidden gem locations

Think you've seen all the world has to offer? If your travel journal is looking a little empty or indeed full of visits to the usual diving hot-spots or European centres of culture then take a look at these revelations.

Aswan, Egypt

Following the journey of the most remarkable river of antiquity, the Nile, the adventurous traveller will eventually come across the Egyptian city of Aswan, home to Nubian culture. Here, the locals are proud of their heritage and a visit to the museum of Nubia will teach you the history of this lush forgotten paradise. Populating the many floating restaurants of the area, the charismatic people here sing and dance and celebrate their identity and will point out the many deserted temples and ruins of the predynastic Ancient Egyptian period dotted around the landscape.

Jericoacoara, Brazil

An adventurous location reacheable by a 12-mile journey by dune buggy, the upbeat tempo of this isolated area will infect you with enthusiasm. Here, in the northern state of Ceara in Brazil, there are opportunities for horse-riding, kitesurfing and windboarding - all great excuses for investigating the encompassing stretches of lagoons and dunes around this location. As the sun goes down, the party heats up with performances of the martial-arts based dance capoeira and caipirinhas can be found in abundance, slaking the thirst of those trying out 'forro', a traditional Brazilian dance for the first time.

Ngorongoro crater, Tanzania

Animal-lovers longing to be surrounded by exotic species and awe-inspiring natural landscapes should head to this crater, the biggest caldera - or depression caused by a volcanic eruption - in the world. Animals, such as the black rhino frequent the many marsh-lands, swamps and forests that make up the area and usually the site is witness to the migration of hundreds of species moving through it at different times of the year. Lodgings on the rim of the crater provide fantastic panoramas to take in whilst in relative comfort.

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