Best hidden costs of all inclusive resorts to look out for

You probably are thinking of escaping on an all inclusive holiday. The competitive headline price, bargain fee for accommodation, food and drinks for the entire duration of the holiday are enough to entice any prospecting holidaymaker. But, before you swallow the bait and take off on an all inclusive holiday break, look out for these sneaky hidden costs of all inclusive resorts.

Transfer costs

Many all inclusive resorts are located in isolated places often a long distance from the airport. You might not think about this at first, but isolated resorts often mean significant transfer costs. Check with your travel company before hand to see if airport transfer is included in your all-inclusive holiday package, otherwise you could end up paying hefty transfer fees or taxi rides you did not plan for.

Holiday activities

Many all inclusive holidays usually include some fan activities to build up a sociable atmosphere, such as aerobics and pool volleyball. However, when patrons are all warmed up and everyone is enjoying themselves, you will soon realise that there are curiously expensive, non-included activities available at the resort. Most of these non-included activities would make it a really shame were you to return home without having tried them, such as sunset cruises around the bay. Just for planning’s sake, find out if there are any exclusive holiday activities not included in your package you should know about.

Internet connection

Unless you deliberately want to cut out the rest of theworld while on your holiday break, you may be in for a rude shock when trying to contact the outside world from all inclusive resorts. Everything on the resort will likely be top notch, apart from internet access. All inclusive resorts are notorious for providing shoddy terminal access that chomp ridiculous amounts of your hard earned cash or wireless connections with absolutely outrageous charges for no apparent reason. Look out for these hidden costs of all inclusive resorts too.

Palatable food

Another of the well hidden costs of all inclusive holiday resorts touches on food. Food is free, but the food is often only vaguely palatable. After a few days, you’ll be crying out for just a morsel of any decent food. Fortunately, there will be a lovely, non-inclusive restaurant on site offering decent, if not scrumptious meals. Off course, it will cost you a fortune to enjoy this finer dining experience. Not too surprising, still, the fine dine, non-inclusive restaurant will be the only one available for miles around. Sneaky but cleaver!

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