Find great deals with Hertz Spain car rental!

Nothing frees up your holiday time table like a rented car, so why not give some consideration to Hertz Spain car rental next time you're taking a break in sunnier climes? With rentals available from more than fifty different locations, Hertz make renting a vehicle a piece of cake for all qualified drivers.

Many people consider renting a car to be far too complicated a process, instead preferring to rely on public or private hire transport while at their holiday destination. While this may work for those who plan to spend the majority of their stay in busy metropolitan areas with solid infrastructures, such as Barcelona or Madrid, there is a lot to be said for having your own independent means of transport if you plan on veering off the beaten track, or would like to see some of the more rustic delights Spain has to offer.

Often the cost of renting a car in Spain can be much, much lower than relying on taxis - especially given the fact that you'll be at the mercy of taxi drivers who will know that you're foreign and may see you as an easy way to make a quick buck. We hear many reports of Spanish taxi drivers who are more than happy to bring their passengers on the scenic route to their hotel, regardless of whether or not they requested it!

In a hot country like Spain, it can be tough travelling with small children at the best of times, so with a hire car from Hertz you'll be safe in the knowledge that you'll be able to pull over to a service station or rest stop should the little ones require a break in order to stretch their legs, or to have a bite to eat.

With Hertz, the cost is always reasonable, and seven days' car rental can be had for as little as £125 including unlimited kilometres’ driving distance. The car you select will have an effect on the price, but even an estate like the Renault Megane Sport Tourer can be had for as low as £207 for a full week. When you compare this to the cost of taxis you'll see huge savings over the duration of your holiday.

For the latest prices, information and advice on Hertz Spain car rental check out their website at www.hertz.co.uk today.

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