Finding Heathrow hotels with shuttle buses

Heathrow hotels with shuttle

The National Express 'Hotel Hoppa' serves all the main Heathrow hotels with shuttle buses, shuttling between them and the airport regularly between 05:30 and 23:30. They charge £4 each way for adults and 50p each way for children. Almost all of the Heathrow hotels are visited by this shuttle, so the decision of which to stay at really comes down to location and what else you want out of the hotel.

The cheapest hotels in the area are the Holiday Inn Express by Terminal 5 and the Premier Inn. Both offer basic services including a restaurant and Wi-Fi, however it's worth noting that the Premier Inn doesn't offer any parking facilities, and nor does it have a fitness centre, while Holiday Inn Express provides both.

The Renaissance hotel offers luxury accommodation at affordable prices, with rooms from £75. It has all the facilities of the Holiday Inn as well as additional business services, and the rooms themselves are large and spacious. It also has the advantage of being positioned closer to Terminals 1 and 3 than any other hotel.

If you want to relax before your flight then consider the Crowne Plaza hotel, which has an indoor pool, sauna, solarium and even its own golf course. Prices here start from £79.

The most expensive of all the Heathrow hotels is the Hilton, but it has everything a traveller could need, include multiple restaurants, a bar, a fitness centre and business services, and it is directly connected to Terminal 4, so if you're flying from there then you won't even need to take a shuttle.

You can get low price bookings with any of these hotels from holidayextras.co.uk or hotels.com.

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