Heathrow to Algiers air travel

Heathrow to Algiers air travel can be really cheap if you know where to look. Luckily for you guys we are here to help. Instead of having to trawl through tonnes of websites looking for the best deals, we have found one website that does it all for you.

Hit up the Sky Scanner (http://www.skyscanner.net) website to find all the very best deals on offer.

Sky Scanner is a hugely popular website with people that travel a lot. They are a comparison style website that makes finding the very best deals a breeze. A comparison website focuses on comparing prices across a large number of websites. This means that instead of you having to do all the work, Sky Scanner will take care of it for you.

Algiers is particularly good at peak summer (August-September) time so it can be difficult to find cheap flights. If you can be a little bit flexible though, you may be surprised by what you can find.

We used Sky Scanner's search system to find a holiday for two, one week in Algiers starting the 27th of August. They came up with lots of great package deals but the best we found came to £490 total for a round-trip with no connecting flights. That's only £245 per person at peak season, you will not find better prices than that anywhere else.

Check them out for yourself, the search system is easy to use and you will be given a price within a matter of seconds. When it comes to Heathrow/Algiers air travel, Sky Scanner is number 1.

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