Heard about the new Ferry route from St. Nazaire in north west France to Gijón on the north coast of Spain?

Traditional ferry routes from England to the north of Spain have always focused on Bilbao and Santander, with departures from Plymouth or Portsmouth, but a new route from St Nazaire near Nantes, in north west France to Gijón, in the Asturias region of Spain has now opened.

We took the route recently and found ourselves in the company of a group of Porsche drivers, Harley Davidson bikers and a cohort of vintage car drivers. It’s obvioulsy becoming a popular route for fun lovers with character on wheels. So if you’re looking to explore northern France but then want to skip the rest and head for Spain, this is the perfect option.

Gijón is a low key beach destination, offering fabulous fish restaurants and lively cafés. It comes alive in the summer with a ‘Semana Negra’ (Black Week) festival in July followed by a ‘Semana Grande’ (Grand Week) festival in the second week of August. It makes a great base for touring the area: the Picos de Europa mountains are a short drive away and it’s on the famous ‘Way of St James’ if you care to do part of the walk-cum-pilgrimage.

Check http://www.ldlines.es/offres_stn-gij.php for details of current deals on the LD lines ferry. They are offering a one way journey from €142, which includes vehicle, and seats for two passengers. The same deal but with cabin starts at €211.

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