Head to the Markets for a Bargain

If you were lucky enough to be snowed in this Christmas and New Year then you didn’t have to buy any pressies because you couldn’t get to the shops, (oh, and your internet connection was down too.....) So, now that you’ve got a few quid lying around and have potentially been ostracised for being a grinch there’s only one thing for it – grab the wife, kids and mother in law and head for a day out at the markets. If the price is right you may only come back with the wife and the kids, having traded the old bat in for something much more useful.

There’s a real fairground ambience at the Catterick market, North Yorkshire, the largest Sunday market in the north of England. It sells everything from cheeses to toasters as well as hosting live music, standup comedy, circus acts and beer festivals. The market takes place at Catterick Racecourse, Catterick Bridge, North Yorkshire, Sun 9am to 4pm. www.cattericksundaymarket.co.uk.

If Leicester is more within your range, then head to the Market Place any day of the week (except Sunday) for foodie heaven with traders from 25 countries. That'll ensure you make the most of the new gym membership you foolishly bought yourself 3 weeks ago...leicestermarket.co.uk.

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