Head to the Canary Islands for some sun

Often, a holiday is a totally last minute decision. Maybe you just scraped the cash together at the last moment, or work only just confirmed your holidays after months of trying to squeeze it out of them. Either way, you want a holiday and time is of the essence. If you have a destination in mind, regardless of how little time you have to book, head on over to the lastminute website and see if you can get something sorted. This is a great little website that focuses on saving you money by booking late. The website takes any last minute cancellations and gives them on to any last minute booker. They can then sell on the cancellation at a reduced cost, so you save cash too! It's definitely becoming clear why they have called their website 'Last Minute' right...?

Head over to the website today and fill in your details under the holiday tab. You can select the type of holiday you want as well as any other other trimmings - such as transfers and accommodation, but your best bet is to select 'I don't mind' for the most results. Last minute will look after all sides of the holiday, from flights to hotels, meaning you can get everything done under one roof. Be sure to check out LastMinute today, there's a ton of cash to be saved!

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