Head for the foothills of the Bavarian Alps before winter sets in.

With the Oktoberfest, better known as the Munich Beer Festival, about to explode onto the party scene, festival goers may be looking for somewhere to chill out and recover from the beer binge. What better than a unique hideaway 90 minutes by train from Munich at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps?

A ten minute walk from the tiny station at Aschau lies, what Elle Decoration named, ‘the most beautiful lodge in the mountains’, the Guardian reports. Its name is ‘Berge’(moormann-berge.de), which means mountains, and it has all that it takes to be considered a twenty-first century hip haunt: innovative minimalist design, understated designer furniture and a ‘non-hotel’ feel.

Its owner, Nils Holger Moormann, describes it as ‘a modern translation of how to stay in the mountains’, stressing that it is neither a luxury nor an art/design hotel, but rather ‘a well organized shelter’. In fact the ‘shelter’ consists of 16, individually designed, spacious apartments of quality (the project cost €2.7m). However, in keeping with Moormann's ethos of back-to-nature self sufficiency, there is no reception area, internet, telephone, television or restaurant.

Flicking the switch on technology is the owner’s invitation for his guests to relax and enjoy the surrounds. And with Lake Chiemsee, Hohenaschau Schloss medieval castle and Kampenwand mountain nearby, you are unlikely to miss it.

Easyjet (easyjet.com) flies to Munich from London Stansted and Gatwick from £29.99 each way.

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