Enjoy the Sunshine State via Hays Travel to Florida Destinations

If you're ready to enjoy a funfilled holiday to one of the world's most popular destinations, you can enjoy the sunshine state through Hays Travel to Florida destinations that are popular, exciting and convenient.

It doesn't matter if you and your family love the thrill of a theme park or would rather enjoy nature's beauty; you can do it all in Florida. Sugar white beaches, emerald green waters and even man-made adventures that never fail to thrill are all part of Florida's exciting adventures. If you simply prefer fine dining and world class shopping, you can find that as well.

Why not think about taking a trip through Hays Travel to these Florida destinations? You can fly to Orlando, Florida, which is the heart of all of the theme parks such as Disney World Orlando and Universal Studios. As of August 29, 2011, you can travel there on September 3, 2011 for as little as £275 per person. This is for a 5 night stay and a direct flight with two adults.

Imagine being in sunny Florida in just a few hours where you can visit the beach, soak up some sun, swim with the dolphins or take a thrilling ride on a rollercoaster. In Florida, you can leave all of your cares behind and enjoy life that is laid back and simple. You can even get hotel accomodations that includes a 4 bedroom home in the Disney area with a private pool for just £619 per person based on a 14 night stay. At that rate, you'll probably want to adjust your holiday and stay a bit longer.

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