Thinking about Hawaii holidays 2012?

Many people's American holiday discussion centres around the usual suspects of New York, Chicago, Orlando and Los Angeles, however, there's more to America than these great cities!

Hawaii is a tropical paradise that has to be seen to be believed, but many Europeans feel the islands are too far away, or it's too much hassle to get there. This simply isn't the case! Your Hawaii holidays 2012 will be easier to organise than you think!

In this blog, we're going to show you how to organise the flight aspect of your trip to Hawaii, after all, it's probably the most important part! First things first, there are no direct flights from the United Kingdom to Hawaii. If you want to visit the Islands, you'll have to catch a connecting flight.

Your choice of where to connect is what's likely to make or break any potential savings you'll accrue. There are flights to Hawaii from just about every major US city, but if you're looking for the cheapest connections, you'll find them on the west coast.

The best cities to connect to a Hawaii flight in are - San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and surprisingly Vancouver.

There's likely to be some searching needed on your behalf as you weigh up which combinations of city will give you the greatest saving, but in our experience, you're on to a winner if you can snag yourself a cheap enough flight to a city on the west coast from London Heathrow.

Hopefully we've helped you make your trip to Hawaii a little cheaper!


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