Are you looking for Haven holidays in France

If you're looking for an idea for an excellent, and more importantly cheap, holiday for you and your family this summer, then we're going to suggest you check out what Haven Holidays France have to offer. After all, the millions of Britons who have enjoyed their holiday parks can't be wrong!

Haven currently have a whopping 35 different Holiday Parks situated in beautiful coastal areas around the UK. They cater for all types of holidays, so whether you want to relax at the beach, or indulge in some outdoor sports and activities, they'll have the option for you in one of their award winning parks.

Haven Holidays allow you an unrivalled level of flexibility as all their accomodation is self catered, so you decide when and what you'll be eating! They are also running some unbelievable offers this summer, meaning you can take the whole family off for a bargain basement price.

A Haven holiday this June will cost you just £149 for the whole family if you book now at http://www.haven.com/. They are also running a half price offer for the first few weeks of July. You'll be able to bring the entire family to one of their Holiday Parks for just £199 per person between the 1st of July and the 21st of July.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of their parks during the summer holidays, it will cost you £499 for the whole family between the 22nd of July and September 1st. This still represents unbelievable value compared to the likes of a week in Spain, so check them out today for a great deal on your family's next holiday!

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