Fun for the Family at Haven holiday parks

If you are longing for a holiday by the sea, visit Haven Holiday Parks. The UK boasts 35 Holiday Parks in sixteen regions that feature plenty of seaside activities for the entire family. Whether you have a hankering for isolated beaches, beaches framed by mountains and forests or anything in between, you can find a park that is just right for you and your family.

Each park features a wide selection of activities for sports lovers as well. Football, golf, tennis, rugby and archery are just a few of the sports you can play while visiting a Holiday Park. Children between the ages of three and eight will love getting a taste of sports by participating in a free session. Whether they want to try mini-archery, mini-tennis or another sport, young children will enjoy learning about their favorite sports activities.

Families who love to swim have more than the ocean to satisfy their craving for water. The Haven Holiday Parks also offer heated indoor and outdoor pools. Kiddie pools, SplashZones, jacuzzis, water slides and flumes are just a few of the water-based activities you can enjoy. Zip around the pool in an aqua glider, catch a ride on an aqua jet or let the younger kids ride the turbo paddler.

A day of playing will make you and your family hungry. Fortunately the holiday parks provide guests with a host of restaurants and cafes to satisfy any appetite. Popular fast food chains in addition to the parks' dining establishments are available for hungry visitors. There are also convenience stores and gift shops when you want to buy snacks and other foods.


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