Three Haven Caravan Holidays in the UK

Haven caravan holidays have been popular with families for generations. There is so much to do and the sites are affordable, especially when you can fit at least 6 people into one caravan; they cut down on the cost of accommodation for the family.

There are a number of places to go for Haven caravan holidays, whether you want to visit bonnie Scotland or you want to try the Welsh seaside. Here are just a few options available and what they are able to offer you.

Visit Seaton Sands in Scotland

If you’re look to go north of Hadrian’s Wall, then Seaton Sands is one to add to the list. This small Haven site is on the East Coast and is very close to the capital city. With being so close, there’s plenty to do or see, including the Edinburgh Dungeons or a trip around Edinburgh Festival if you go during the summer months.

Try Kiln Park in South Wales

If you want to get away from the busy cities, Wales is a great consideration. Kiln Park is close to Tenby, which is a small seaside town. You’ll be close to the beach, which is perfect for children and adults alike. The caravan park has two heated pools for everyone to enjoy some splashing around and there are events on every night, including talent competitions and dance events.

Go North to Primrose Valley

The Yorkshire seaside is still a popular attraction and Primrose is just one of three parks in the area. This is actually one of the largest Haven parks in the UK, which means it’s busy and there’s always something on to keep you and your children entertained. There’s also a kid’s club, like in all Haven parks, to keep the children out of mischief.

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