Check out the Haven camping special offers

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Are you looking for a cheap camping trip? If this is so we would highly recommend that you check out the Haven camping special offers which are sure to catch your attention.

If you are available to travel at the last minute there are great deals to be got. You can stay at the Reighton Gap in North Yorkshire for 3 nights next week for an amazing price of £22.50 per family. If you would rather visit Cornwall prices for a three night stay at Perran Sands park are starting from £40.50 per family.

If you are planning on camping during the dates 22nd July to the 27th of August there is a seven nights for the price of five special offer on from only £35 a pitch per night. Some of the camping sites that you can book for to avail of this deal include the Blue Dolphin in North Yorkshire and the Wild Duck in Norfolk.

If you are planning on going camping during the summer holidays with the kids you can save up to 20% resulting in prices starting from £298.20. If you are planning school breaks you can also save 20% if you book with Haven.

As they say the early bird catches the worm and that saying relates very much to this latest offer they have. If you book a holiday with them for 2012 you can save up to 55%.

You can view these deals and many more on their website on www.haven.com and you can make a reservation by calling their team on 0871 230 1930.

We are sure you will agree that these deals are great value so waste no more time and check out the Haven camping special offers today.



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