Have the time of your life on your Turkey holiday!

On a quest for adventure? Go on a Turkey holiday and you’re in for a whirlwind of activity! There’s something for everyone here, no matter how hard you are to please!

Go mountaineering on the incline of Ararat in Agri, the volcanic Mount Erciyes in Kayseri, or the ranges of Kaçkar in Rize; dive into thermal baths, go skiing, spot a variety of flora and fauna, see a glacier or two, and gaze at the Black Sea or the Mediterranean. Spelunking is also an option, with around 40,000 locations in the country.

Sail the Aegean or Marmara seas, where you’ll be able to visit the remains of ancient civilisations, the mosques of Golden Horn, the coves of Dilek Peninsula National Park, the Castle of St. Peter (or Bodrum Castle), and the Antalya Marina and Leisure Centre.

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Take a trip through the Silk Road, which winds through magnificent structures like mansions, museums, and mosques; get transported back in time! Ruins, churches, castles, monasteries, a stream, and even an underground city are only a sample of what you’ll find here.

Watch a javelin game, or 'Jereed,' as well as wrestling competitions in certain localities, like Bayburt, Erzurum, and Kars. Camels wrestle here, too! Catch a match at Aydin; a camel wins if it makes its rival fall, retreat, or scream. Have a thermal bath in Turkey’s mineral springs, or savour a soak in the mud; there are resorts everywhere! Go on a faith tour, where you’ll discover old Jewish, Islamic, and Christian settlements; religious works of art, synagogues, and mausoleums are strewn all over the country. Don’t forget the museums, which house everything from archaeological finds to wood carvings, to jewellery.

Go on a gastronomic journey, and try some Turkish appetizers (Meze), Turkish pizza (Lahmacun), and dairy sweets (Tatli Sofrasi), and finish it off with a glass of yogurt drink (Ayran) or pomegranate juice (Nar Suyu).

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