Have Space Center, Will Travel

The Kennedy Space Center, a monument to America’s once mighty space program, is the only place on earth where you can tour launch areas, meet a real, live astronaut, see giant rockets, try out a space flight simulator, and even witness a rocket launch.

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You’ll need a whole day to explore NASA’s space launch headquarters, located on an island wildlife refuge just a short drive from Orlando, Florida. Your journey begins at the KSC Visitor Complex, with its exhibits and shows that trace the history of the US space program. Watch the dream of space flight come alive in 3D on 5-storey screens at the back-to-back IMAX theatres.

Take a tour of the NASA complex, where the term “huge” takes on a brand new meaning; you’ll see massive launch pads, the gigantic Vehicle Assembly Building, 10-storey tall rockets, and the legendary Apollo/Saturn V centre.

If you're lucky, you might just witness an actual NASA rocket launch. From a dramatic Space Shuttle launch, to the heart-thumping takeoff of huge rockets which carry satellites, planetary explorers, and other such devices, there’s always some space mission being hatched here at the Kennedy Space Center.

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