Have a wild time with Magaluf party hotels

Magaluf is a big playground for grown ups in search of a party. You can take all of the searching for fun out of your list of things to do and have the party brought to your doorstep instead. Party hotels mean that you literally have to show up and be ready to have a great time so let's run through 3 great party hotels in Magaluf that may appeal.

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Teix hotel is a really party oriented accommodation that makes iteasy to meet people and have fun into the wee hours of the evening. There is always something happening to entertain guests with karaoke nights, pub quizzes, 70's nights, award parties, beach parties and pool parties by the pool bar.

Mallorca Rocks

Mallorca Rocks will offer you a party atmosphere unlike any other in Magaluf. You can watch some of the hottest music artists perform in the hotel grounds and many guests choose to make use of their room balcony to rock out to acts like Lily Allen, Skrillex, Tinie Tempah, Ed Sheeran, Fatboy Slim and more of this calibre. You can book a bed here from just £10 per person per night and this price includes entry to any gig that falls on the nights of your stay. There are also weekly pool parties to look forward to hosted by Kiss FM.

Hotel Lively Magaluf

Hotel Lively Magaluf makes a great place to stay and party for anyone in their late 20s to early 30s. This party hotel is located only 200 metres from the beach which should please those in search of fresh air after a heavy night of partying. Situated in close proximity to the best night clubs in Magaluf, if the events at the hotel are not doing it for you it is only a short skip and a jump to the next place.

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