Have a Seaweed Bath in The West of Ireland

They say God invented whiskey to stop the Irish colonising the world, come Paddie’s Day, you’d be right in thinking that the Irish have colonised the world – or at least the world’s drunks. So, in response to the [not really new] trend for Spa breaks, County Sligo’s Walton family (they couldn’t have paid for a better name) gives you The Seaweed Bath.

Basically, a scalding hot claw-foot bathtub full of slippery, slimy, green seaweed, oh and Atlantic Ocean seawater. And that’s after you look ridiculous in one of those saunas made for one – the one where you close the door and just your head pops out – straight out of a Carry-On flick. But, lo and behold, it works! It’ll cure the scud-missileingest hangover, make the skin of a rhino feel smooth and almost, just almost, make you feel so good that you won’t go straight into the pub round the corner and celebrate your new found health with a pint of plain. Not bad at all for €25 Check out voyaseaweedbaths.com.

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