Have a perfect holiday in Scotland and stay in a cottage

This quaint and luxurious accommodation provides a more ‘homey’ feel than a hotel, and there is no shortage of holiday cottages throughout Scotland. Generally self-catering, cottages in Scotland will even accommodate pets on occasion.

If you’re visiting Edinburgh for the 2009 Homecoming celebrations, consider Orlege End in Crosswoodhil Farm. Located in West Lothian, this five-star cottage is extremely modern and comes with all modern amenities. Just thirty-five minutes from the festivities in Edinburgh and sixty from Glasgow events, Orlege End is the perfect luxurious get-away.

For a more rustic Scottish cottage, try Da Barn on Unst in the Shetland Isles. With stunning sea views, this is the place for animal, bird and Shetland lovers. The Shetland Islands are celebrating their Hamefarin in 2010, and Da Barn is perfectly located to enjoy the celebrations. After a day of Shetland fun, come home to enjoy otters and seals frisking just outside your door.

Scotland cottages are a brilliant alternative to traditional accommodation. They allow you to cook your own meals, have a set of rooms instead of just one, and still enjoy the local festivities. For a luxury or back to basics holiday, a Scotland cottage can fit your need.

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